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Aircraft Charter
Packson International makes flying on a private jet cost effective, offering the most demanding clientele the ultimate in luxury air charter.
Allow our aircraft charter experts to custom tailor your next charter flight.  We can arrange gourmet meals and all ground transportation.




Aircraft Management

We offer a full range of aviation management services. Our approach to aircraft management is attractive to the aviation industry around the world because our expertise translates directly into greater safety and lower costs for aircraft owners.

  • Crew Selection and Oversight
  • Monthly reporting and bill payments
  • Fiscal Budgeting and Asset management
  • Coordinated maintenance structure and oversight
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Itinerary and flight coordination
  • On staff accountants

By using our aircraft management team you profit from all the advantages of aircraft ownership without the administrative, regulatory and operational burdens. We employ, train and supervise the crew, oversee maintenance, pay the bills, monitor regulatory compliances and provide overall travel support and scheduling assistance to you, the owner.

Aviation Staffing

Packson Internationals Aviation Division covers contract staffing across all areas of the aviation industry. We service clients across the United States and abroad, ranging from high performance aircraft to private single engines. We can provide qualified candidates in any part of the continental United States as well as worldwide.

Our aviation division provides solutions through our resources. We provide the expertise and the ability to deploy a workforce internationaly. Our services allow companies to be more responsive and flexible to the demands of the industry.

We Provide the following in Aviation Staffing
A&P, Mechanics, Assemblers, Engineering Support, Avionics, Engine Mechanics, and Quality Control


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